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GAME OF THE DAY 1/23/2013:Kirby Air Ride (Nintendo,Gamecube,2003)

Today’s game is a game that is often criticized by many people and was forgotten when it was released (Mario Kart Double Dash was released only a month later). Well to me this game is really fun. Especially with 4 players! There are multiple modes such as Top Ride, City Trial, events, and Air Ride. The graphics and soundtrack are nice, and each of the modes are a blast! In City Trial you just drive around the city, however there are special events like Dyna Blade, meteors , etc. And I can’t forget that in city trial you try to get all of the pieces to 1 of 2 special vehicles. After this there is an event in which you compete or work together to beat a boss and maybe unlock something. Air Ride is racing mode and Top Ride is top-down racing. Overall, Kirby Air Ride is a pretty fun but underrated game.

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